Wes Clark on the Iraq War

April 20, 2006

Ted Kennedy: Those who “served in combat were universally opposed to going”

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KING: Why did you vote against?

KENNEDY: Well, I’m on the Armed Services Committee and I was inclined to support the administration when we started the hearings in the Armed Services Committee. And, it was enormously interesting to me that those that had been — that were in the armed forces that had served in combat were universally opposed to going.

I mean we had Wes Clark testify in opposition to going to war at that time. You had General Zinni. You had General (INAUDIBLE). You had General Nash. You had the series of different military officials, a number of whom had been involved in the Gulf I War, others involved in Kosovo and had distinguished records in Vietnam, battle-hardened combat military figures. And, virtually all of them said no, this is not going to work and they virtually identified…

KING: And that’s what moved you?

KENNEDY: And that really was — influenced me to the greatest degree.

Larry King Live,  April 20, 2006


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